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About us

Designed for Pets

“Benepet’s mission is to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of Veterinary clinical treatment.

Our partners:

Manhattan Veterinary Hospital

Acer Incorporated

About Us

Benepet Biomedical Co., Ltd. was established in May 2017 for the purpose of providing innovative, high quality clinical products to veterinary practices and hospitals. Working together with Taiwan’s renowned Industrial Technology Research Institute and manufacturing partner Acer Inc., Benepet Biomedical has introduced the world's first fully automated peritoneal dialysis machine designed specifically for veterinary use. This award-winning, patented* design not only improves outcomes for pets requiring peritoneal dialysis but also significantly reduces the labor and cost of such treatments. In the future, the company plans to launch pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and additional medical devices for veterinary use. Benepet Biomedical is committed to addressing the clinical needs of veterinarians and improving the quality of veterinary health care through world-class R&D and the innovative application of leading-edge technology.

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