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Peritoneal Dialysis Device



Acute renal failure

Chronic renal failure


Acute pancreatitis
(pancreatic enzyme leakage)

  1. Designed for pets less than 50 kg

  2. Automated operation, saving labor cost

  3. User-friendly interface, easy to get started by following screen instruction

  4. Adapted to clinical use:

  5. "Waterwheel" sensor design: detect fluid flows including obstruction and regurgitation immediately.

  6. Adjustable injection / extraction speed: Four speeds can be chosen for extraction procedure.

  7. Reduces the risk of infection:

  8. Three-ways dialysis tubing design can reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

  9. Bar code activated design can diminish the infection from the repeated use of the dialysis tube.

  10. 1000 medical records can be stored.


  1. Durability tested: Hardware and consumable parts are put through a thorough test procedure.

  2. Optimal design: Easy maintenance of motor and chassis maximize service life.

  3. Precise injection volume control: The scale can be set as low as 1 ML.

  4. Extended capabilities: For example, the "Pump / Suction" function.

  5. Easy to upgrade: Software updates are downloadable via WIFI.

How to use ?

Calculator for Dosage of Dialysate

How to use ?
Product Identification

Product Identification

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