Dialysis Tubing installation guide
How to use?
  • Model:Veterinary Automated Peritoneal Device (VAPD)-1

  • Contents:Syringe (50cc), tubing set, caps, waste bag.

  • Three-way dialysis tubing design reduces risk of cross-contamination.

  •  "Waterwheel" fluid flow sensor detects obstructions and regurgitation.

  •   "Y" junction in dialysate tubing allows up to two dialysate supply bags to be connected simultaneously.

  • EO Sterilization provides for up to two years of consumable shelf life.

  • Barcode-activation of consumables helps prevent infection from the repeated or prolonged use of syringe and tubing.

  • Note:  This product is intended for veterinary use only.  Peritoneal dialysis therapy should be performed under the supervision of a qualified veterinary physician.


Contents:Syringe (50cc), tubing set, caps, waste bag.


注意事項 !

  • 若發現以下情況,請勿使用:

  1. 包裝破損或以打開,請勿使用。

  2. 接頭或管件有汙損或是汙染,請勿使用。

  • 限單次使用,請勿重複滅菌使用。

  • 若條碼已輸入使用,恕不得退換貨。